Lootcrate’s Fallout Crate Will Let You Build Your Own Power Armor

Fallout crate

Bethesda and Lootcrate have announced a new upcoming Fallout crate which will be fully themed on the popular post apocalyptic game Fallout.

For people who don’t know what is Lootcrate? it is a monthly subscription box which contains geeks, anime, and gaming related stuff. it can contain anything from Tshirts, figures and other merchandise. every month they have different themed boxes like heroes, villains, alien, specific anime and more.

This time they will be bringing a Fallout themed box for the Fans but instead of every month delivery buyers will receive it bi-monthly. the box is priced at $34.99 per crate which is a bit pricey considering the standard mystery box cost $15.99 per crate. but it will contain items worth $65+ so I think it’s a good deal.

The box will contain exclusive collectible, gears, and merchandise like the exclusive companion figure with interchangeable weapons from the game. the first crate will have the exclusive Fawkes figure. each crate will come with one piece of the Power Armor so by collecting all six pieces you would be able to make your own power armor.

If you pre-order the six crate at a time you will get a free limited edition Nuka Nuke USB hub. apart from all the things listed above, it will be containing more items which are a surprise for every customer. but as the first theme is of Vault-Tec we can expect items themed on the post apocalyptic company.

To know more about the Fallout Crate you can visit the Official Loot Crate site.

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