House Party Removed From Steam After Receiving Complaints

House party

Developer Eek! Games’s adult themed game House party has been removed from Steam after valve received numerous complaints about it.

The game is made in 3D and is filled with nudity, alcohol, fights and humorous adventure similar to Leisure Suit Larry. players are directly dropped into an ongoing House Party where they can interact with various characters in the house. all the characters have different personalities, stories, and each present a different kind of quests which players can complete.

Till now there has been no Official announcement by Steam or the devs of the game about why the game was removed but on the Steam Forums and Official EekGames forum several threads have come out regarding the status of the game.

On the Official Website Forum user AeonAsesino and on Steam user Aeon Bubbles(i am assuming both the users are the same person) posted a message which was written by one of the developers named Bobby on discord.

From the Developer, Bobby, on Discord:

‘For those wondering about the Steam removal, they said they took the game down because they “received a lot of complaints”. They are honoring all sales made, and people who purchased can still play right now, and will still receive updates. I am talking to Steam and working out the details, but the game will still be available for those who purchased, and will be back once we come to a solution.’

Although no details were given about what the complaints contained. but it is most probably because of uncensored nudity which would be surprising as before coming to Steam the game was listed on now dead Steam Greenlight and if it was not up to the standard of steam rules then it should not have been allowed in the first place.

Other big games such as Witcher 3, Duke Nukem, GTA V and even Thief have some nudity in it and they are still on steam.

Even Dragonia was some how able to make its way into Steam Library. although it has been patched now and the explicit scenes are censored with a bunny but it was much worse before and is steam available on steam. you can check out the pictures on steam but before I link it be warned it is NSFW [Dragonia Steam Screenshots].

Currently on the main page of Eek! Games House Party is shown as “Get It On Steam” probably because they are still working out the situation with Steam so they haven’t updated their site. if you visit the Steam Store Page of the game it will redirects you to the main store page.

The game may not be on steam but it was widely popular amongst steam users and even Twitch streamers and YouTubers. following the success Eek! Games are currently developing another game called Office Party probably would have the same concept as House Party.

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