Monkey King: Hero Is Back Game Announced For PS4

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Developer Sony Interactive and October Media with Publisher Oasis Games have announced a new game titled named Monkey King: Hero Is Back. it was announced during the Sony’s  press conference at the ChinaJoy 2017.

As the name suggests the game will be based on the legendary Monkey King and is an adaptation of an animated movie which has the same name.

In the movie Monkey King is a powerful but notorious being having almost the same strength as gods, he was free to roam anywhere between heaven and earth. he always did mischievous works but one particular incident angered the gods in heaven and he was cursed and imprisoned on earth in deep ice cave mountains.

500 year later a boy gets lost in mountains after fleeing from his home which was attacked by some monsters. while finding his way he accidentally falls into the cave and unknowingly free’s Monkey King from his curse and so begins the adventure and fight against evil.

You can watch the trailer below from Gematsu Youtube Channel:

During the Expo, the game was described as Monster slaying adventure in which players can play as the Monkey King or Jiang Lieur. the game will be probably based on the story of the movie with new storyline and characters added to it.

The announcement is not surprising but is surely exciting as the Monkey King has become a common character in the games but it never gets old. the godlike character is mostly popular because of its movies and its presence in MOBA games like Dota 2, League Of Legends and Heroes of The Strom which have their own version of Monkey King.

The movie of Monkey King: Hero Is Back was very successful and was the highest grossing animated movie of 2015 in China. it would be interesting to see how the devs adapt such a big movie into a game. No date has been announced yet but it expected to release in 2018 for PS4.

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