Killing Floor 2 Coming 2 Xbox One With Exclusive Contents And 4K Support

Killing Floor 2

Developer and Publisher Tripwire Interactive is finally bringing their game Killing Floor 2 for Xbox One. the multiplayer zombie mayhem was first released for PC and PS4 on 18 November 2016 due to which Xbox owners were unable to join the fun but after several months it will be officially coming for Xbox.

During the press release, Tripware announced that the game Xbox port will be priced at $39.99 which is more costly than the PC version which was priced at $29.99 and the PS4 version which was priced the same $39.99 upon release.

So why such high price for Xbox Version?

Killing Floor 2

The Xbox version of Killing Floor 2 will be coming with all the previous DLCs released till date which are namely The Tropical Bash, The Descent and elements of The Summer Sideshow.

Xbox Owners who purchase it will also be receiving exclusive content such as the new Freeze thrower weapon which can be used on enemies to turn them into ice statues and then you can break them like a glass. the weapon will be coming with 8 different skins.

It will be also receiving the Wasteland Armour which is also exclusive to this edition and will be coming with five different styles. One thing to note is there is an asterisk mark on the exclusive content which may mean that it is time exclusive and may come to PC and PS4 later. nothing has been announced about it being time exclusive so wait for the official statement.

Apart from that, the game will be able to run on 4K on Xbox One X players will enjoy higher resolution, more detailed environment, improved shadow maps, and an increased shadow fade out distance.

Killing Floor will be released on 29 September 2017 for Xbox One and Xbox One X. if you want to play it right now it is already available on PC and PS4. for more information you can visit the Steam Page and Official Website.

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