Fugl A Bird Simulator Game Coming To Steam Early Access In 2017


Developer Team Fugl and Publisher Kotori Studios are currently developing a new game titled Fugl, the game describes itself as a meditative game meant to provide both chilled and frantic experience.

It is set in third person perspective where players will play as a bird and will be able to explore the undiscovered regions like Tropical beaches, snowy mountains, deep forests and sandy deserts. each area will be filled with diverse creatures for you to observe.

you can check out the brief trailer below which shows glimpses of some of the area player can explore.

In Fugl the whole world is designed with unique voxel based style. the vast environment is created procedurally which means every time you play it you will find different layout and animals in it. so no two gameplay will ever be the same.

There is a total of 10 different types of areas ranging from normal forest to alien worlds. different regions have different mythical creatures which are very hard to find.

Apart from that, you can adapt visual characteristics and behaviours of other animals. the game allows you create your bird with the avatar creator and even allows to create your own personal world with the level editor.

Currently, the devs of the game are planning to launch it on early access to add more features which will give players a more lifelike experience. some of them are

  • The addition of different modes which can cater different kinds of players like some want chilled experience and some want more thrilling experiences.
  • Apart from normal movements, the birds will be able to perform special manoeuvres.
  • Other A.I animals will have better animation and physics.
  • Memory requirements will be reduced and performance will be increased.

The game reminds me of Abzu and The Journey which both gave players the feel of relaxation but with more modern graphics. so if your into meditative games and like to explore unknown worlds this game can be a good fit for you.

Fugl does not have a fixed release date but the Early Access will be arriving on 7 September 2017 for PC. for more information you can visit the Steam Page and Official Website.

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