Fantasy Strike Fighting Game Coming To Steam On January 2018

Fantasy Strike

Developer and Publisher Sirilin Games are currently developing a new fighting game titled Fantasy Strike. if you attended the recent EVO 2017 or even watched the live broadcast chances are you might have seen it but if not you can read more about it below

The game describes itself as a friendly fighter game which is easy to play and can be learned by anyone who has never played any fighting games. unlike other traditional fighting games like Street Fighter series and Tekken series, it won’t have the complex inputs which take hours to master.

It will be more focused on fundamental fighting techniques like Zoning, maintaining distance, setting up charge attacks and planning strategic movements making it less punishing.

You can check out the over 1 minute later below which shows the gameplay, animation, and graphics but it is still in alpha stage so you can expect more improvements in future.

The game will have a wide range of characters where you can play as an Archer who shoots fiery arrows, a martial artist who can perform lighting attacks, a painter who attacks with a giant paint brush and a Rock Golem who fights like a WWE wrestler. there are several other characters to choose from like you can play as Ninja, Panda, Fish or just be a human.

A new feature which the game implement is the Yomi Counter. this particular mechanics can be performed if you can read your opponent well. the throws are powerful in Fantasy strike and if you know your opponent is going to perform a throw. you can simply not press any button on your controller this will initiate a counter which will damage your opponent. pretty interesting mechanics I must say.

There will be different modes in the game like the Casual play in which players can go online and play with other, The Arean Run in which you can choose a character then draft new power. Ranked gameplay will involve competitive gameplay with season ranks and it will also support local versus gameplay.

Fantasy Strike does not have an official release date yet but it will have an early access available on steam set to release in early 2018. after which it will launch for PC, PS4 and PS4 Pro. for more information you can visit the Steam Page or Official Website.

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