Witchkin A Horror Game Based On Urban Legend Of The Candy Lady


Developer Coven Games are coming up with a new horror game titled Witchkin and instead of having traditional zombie type ghost or possessed human it will have haunted toys and doll who only want to kill you which reminds me of the haunted doll Annabelle.

The game is made in first person perspective and the story is based around 1920’s and revolves around a boy who gets trapped in a house filled with terrifying toys while searching for her little sister. your only objective is to avoid the toys search for your sisters and save her if she can be and escape the house alive.


The story for the game originates from an Urban Legend of Candy Lady. The woman real name was Clara Crane who was born in Texas and was married to an old man. during a farming accident, her daughter Marcella died and Clara blamed her husband for the death. out of grudge she murdered him by giving a poised candy.

She was sent to North Texas lunatic asylum where she made a rag doll and treated it like her daughter. but later due to overcrowding she was released and so the menace begin. children from the place where Clara grew up began to disappear and surviving children said that they found candy on their windowsill some of the children who got received candy for a while would get a note saying “Come and Play” and then they disappeared.

In the game, you would not be able to fight back and your only option is to run and hide. there are several game mechanics which you have to use to remain undetected. using light every time will give away your position and you also have to control the breath of the boy otherwise it can be heard by the toys.

The environment and levels in the game are procedurally generated so every time you play it will have a different layout. different levels are haunted by different toys and each has a unique ability which can injure and kill you.

The game certainly looks good especially the graphics which looks like an old horror film making the gameplay experience unique. there is also a downloadable demo if you want to try the game before release.

Witchkin does not have a released date yet but according to devs, it will be released in mid-2017 for PC and PSVR. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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