Witcher 3 Mod Adds Hunger, Thirst, And Fatigue Elements

Witcher 3 mod

A new Witcher 3 mod name Primal Needs has been released which turns the action role playing game which the game is known for into a Survival game. the mod has been created by a modder named Stefan3372 who has added some realistic game mechanics into the game.

The mod will add Hunger, Thirst and Fatigue mechanics which would hugely affect players gameplay. it changes the usual approach of players in Witcher 3 forcing them not to take any unnecessary step which makes the gameplay more intuitive and enjoyable without ruining any combat experiences.

All the three mechanics will start from 0% which means fully rested or sated and a 100% would mean extremely Hungry, thirsty or Fatigued each need will have different effects and will progress in different speed.

Witcher 3 mod

Hunger has a medium slow progression speed and is closely related to your health. if you have low health you will get hungry and if your hunger gets extremely high your health will slowly drain. eating food and drinking potion reduces hungry.

the food can be only received by killing monsters you kill or buying it from inns. foods will get expired after 3 – 5 days and will be automatically removed from inventory.

Thirst has the fastest progression speed but it also decreases the fastest and is closely related to your stamina. if you have less stamina the thirst bar will rise and if you are extremely thirsty your stamina regeneration will stop but if thirst level is low you will gain bonus stamina regeneration.

During combat, your thirst will increase faster. drinking any kind of liquid like water, milk alcohol will reduce the thirst level.

Witcher 3 mod

Fatigue has the lowest progression speed and is mostly related to the combat. if you are fatigued then you won’t be able to perform any action like sprinting, dodging, rolling and blocking. it can be reduced by meditation for 6 to 8hours. one benefit of meditation is it also reduces Hunger and Thirst level.

Stefan3372 has made all the three mechanics toggleable so if you want to turn off any one of them. you can do it easily.

The Witcher 3 Mod can be found and is downloadable at Nexus Mod titled as the Primal needs. the game itself is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for more information you can visit the Steam page or the official website.

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