Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Will be Published By IDW Publishing From 2018

Sonic The Hedgehog comics

Sega has announced that the Sonic The Hedgehog Comics will now be produced and published by IDW publishing. this marks a new beginning for sonic comics with IDW after Sega terminated their contract with the American Publisher Archie Comics.

The news comes from the Official Twitter account of Sonic The Hedgehog which announced their new partnership with another American company IDW a company which publishes comics books, graphic novel and art books. they will be now responsible for portraying a new story of Sonic and his friends.

Chris Ryall IDW’s Chief executive of IDW in a press talk said

“We’ve been speaking with beloved Sonic fan-favorite creators and new creators alike, and are excited to be able to spread specifics about our plans for the comic in the near future.”

Further Ivo Gerscovich Chief Branding Officer of Sonic The Hedgehog said

“We are ecstatic about this partership with IDW” “We know they will serve as a good home for the new adventures of Sonic, his friends and foes”

Just recently Sega announced that the contract between them and Archie Comics has ended after 25 years. Archie has been producing Sonic comics since 1993 effectively using new characters like Shadow The HedgeHog, Rogue The Bat, Ray The Squirrel and Big The Cat and more.

No reason has been revealed by Sega or Archie about why the contract ended but it seems like this was not a sudden move from Sega as people subscribed to Archie noted that the Sonic comics were removed from subscription list and was replaced by a different comic other titles like Sonic Universe and Sonic Super Digest were also removed from Archie’s list.

IDW Publishing has been in this work since 1999 and is no stranger when it’s come to adapting a title as big as Sonic. previously the company has worked with EA games has produced titles like The Army Two and Dragon Age. it has worked with Disney to produce comics of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Uncle Scrooge.

Archie has given Sonic fans 25 years of loveable memories so now it’s up to IDW to meet the expectations of the people who will be eagerly waiting for the next issue.

It will be awesome if IDW is able to use Infinite the new foe of Sonic announced for Sonic Forces who seems to be more faster and stronger than Sonic.

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