Arika’s Fighting Game EX Game Gets Over 50 Min Of Gameplay Video

Arika's fighting game

Arika’s fighting game has still not received an official name for it but what we do know now is that the game is actually going to happen. during the EVO 2017 event, Arika unveiled its the latest upcoming game with a trailer which grabbed the attention of the whole gaming community.

Now a new video has been published by Arika’s YouTube Channel which shows over 50 min of gameplay played by the staff. the footage contains all the moves and builds of three characters Garuda, Kaira and Shirase/Hokuto. you can check out the long video below

The gameplay certainly is faster than the previous Street Fighter Ex from which the game seems to be inspired. the graphics and the animation are fluid and the special moves look amazing and as mentioned in the previous article the special moves transition to 2.5D seems to be similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ but a lot cleaner and smooth.

The game was first announced as a joke on 1st April but seeing the huge interest of the community in the game Arika is now making it a reality. the game brings back some of the most iconic characters like the Skulled Suit vigilante Skullomania and the buffed wrestler Darun Mister apart from that the current roster consists of Garuda, Kairi, and Hokuto.

No more details have been revealed about the upcoming characters but as there was a special announcement for Skullomania and Darun Mister we can expect that the rest of characters from Street Fighter Ex whose right are owned by Arika will be added into the game. so we may see Allen, Ace, Blair, Cycloid Beta, Cycloid Gamma, Doctrine Dark, Sharon, Shadowgiest, V.Rosso and more.

Arika’s Fighting game is still under development but if you want to try the game before its release date a beta access will be available at the end of 2017 followed by a worldwide release somewhere in 2018 for consoles and probably for PC too.

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