Sonic Forces Trailer Reveals New Hedgehog Villain Infinite

Sonic Forces

Developer and Publisher have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Sonic Forces and this time it introduces us to a new villain of Sonic and his team Infinite. the new foe is the newest character in sonic and possibly the strongest enemy sonic has ever faced.

The trailer shows Infinite as a red and black Hedgehog with a mysterious face and even more mysterious power and abilities he kicks sonic and buries him into the wall. Tails with his gadgets confirm that he is faster and stronger than sonic.

how much more powerful? well, even tails gadgets couldn’t confirm the power levels so, for now, it okay to say “it’s over 9000”. you can check out the trailer below to see the Sonic get whopped by his new foe.

The new enemy was first revealed during E3 2017 but nothing more was shown or detailed about him until now where we get to see him in action.

Although not much is known about Infinite. but he seems to be powerful than sonic and to make things worse sonic and his team will be facing Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow The Hedgehog, Zavok and Eggman and his robot army who are trying to take over the world.

Sonic Forces is a new upcoming platform game with a playstyle similar to Sonic Generation. the levels in the game will involve both 2D and 3D game plays. players will take control of both classic sonic and modern sonic. there is a newly added feature in the game by which players can create their own character.

The story of the game will take players into a post apocalyptic world where Eggman and his allies have managed to take over the world. Sonic with his friends are now tasked to defeat Eggman and other formidable enemies to restore peace and order.

Sonic Forces have no scheduled date yet but it will be releasing in late 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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