Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War Free PVP Mode, Beta To Begin This Summer

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has announced a new free content for their game Ghost Recon Wildlands which will be a 4 vs 4 PVP mode called Ghost War. the mode will have all the feature from the main game which includes guns, gadgets and various maps.

In the Ghost War mode teams will have the option to choose from various character types like Sniper, Scout, tank and more. each character comes with its own strength and weaknesses so choose wisely. also, different character type will have different perks which can be upgraded during the game.

The area of battle will have a wide and open environment and will take place in like Mountains, desert, jungles and more. the terrains, weather and the time of the day will affect the gameplay of players.

The PVP mode will have new features like suppression system which affects the unit movement and vision when under heavy fire. the sound marker systems will help player locate the position of enemies. it will be useful in finding hidden snipers.

So to win the match each team will have to balance themselves with different character types available and have to take a coordinated and tactical approach. Communication, team play, and strategic movements will be crucial for every team.

The open Beta for Ghost war mode will be available for all the platforms this summer and after the beta ends if will be officially released for free.

Ghost Recon Wildlands was involved in a controversy where Bolivian government showed their dissatisfaction over the portrayal of their country and threatened the team with a legal action. but thankfully Ubisoft did not change anything and made a statement saying that the game is just a work of fiction.

Despite the controversy and other ups and downs, the game has been well received by the gaming community. it has been one of the best selling game of 2017 till now. and Ubisoft has also continued to support the game even after release with contents like The Rise and Fall of Unidad DLC and Santa Muerte DLC.

If you want to try the mode you will need to have Ghost Reco Wildlands which is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. more information about Ghost mode can be found at the Official Website.

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