Telltale Games Announce The Wolf Among Us Season 2

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

Recently when Telltale Games announced on Twitter that it will be revealing some new information at the SDCC 2017 many thought it will have details for The Wolf Among Us Season 2. but Job Stauffer Telltale’s head of communications, denied that and said there will be no announcement for season 2 at the event.

Turns out we got Jebaited, during the San Diego Comic con event Telltale games indeed announced that the season 2 for the adventure of Bigby Wolf and Snow white will be coming. you can check out the trailer below in which Adam Harrington the Wolf himself announces the season 2 in Bigby’s voice.

Along The Wolf Among US season 2 announcement the video also showed two upcoming games, Batman: The Enemy within in which the story will continue from season 1 after Batman defeats Vicky Vale. in season 2 he will face Riddler and possibly the Joker, The Walking Dead Season 4 will be final part and will decide the fate of Clementine.

The Wolf Among US was released in 2014 and the point and click fantasy adventure received the positive responses from both critics and the gaming community. the narrative style and artwork created a large fan base for the game.

Listening to the community Tellgame will be releasing Season 2 but in the trailer, it has still neither revealed the plot nor the upcoming characters and it still doesn’t have a proper Title for the game. but whatever it may be I am sure that they will create another story full of twist.

As mentioned in the video the game will be coming in 2018 for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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