Devoid Of Shadows A Dungeon ARPG Game with Rogue Like Elements

Devoid Of Shadows

Developer N-Games Studio and Publisher ArsLogica Lp have released a new game titled Devoid Of Shadows. the game is an action role playing game with different playable characters and a decent crafting system.

The story of the game takes places in a fictional fantasy place known as Galidon a vampire kingdom. in the game, players take the role a vampire who is the heir and rightful ruler of the kingdom. after a beginning of power struggle, you travel through dangerous dungeon and labyrinths to conquer it all.

Players can choose from three different types of characters Aledard Child Of Moon, Celina Child Of Shadow and Regard Child of Stars all the playable characters will have numerous skills based on the power of blood and a crafting system.

In the game, there are 21 different dungeon levels which are randomly generated by the game. each level will contain different quests, monsters, and secrets. the more you progress through the levels the more powerful your character gets.

As seen the video the gameplay involves point and click adventure and an extensive crafting system in which you can upgrade your magic skills and fighting skills. you can gather required resources by exploring or looting other NPC’s in the game to craft new weapon, armor, combat scrolls and potion which will help you survive through dark dungeons.

The gameplay reminds me of Diablo and Torchlight as both the game featured the point and click adventure with a heavy focus on the crafting and leveling system. the only problem I currently see with the game is the graphics and the animation which seems out of the place.

If the devs are able to smooth out the animation then it can probably perform well in the market.

Devoid Of Shadows is currently available for PC for $17.99 on Steam. more information can be found on the Steam PageĀ or the Official Website

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