Titanfall 2 Will Be Getting 4 Player Co-op Horde Mode In Next Update

Titanfall 2

Developer Respawn Entertainment and Publisher EA Games are bringing another new free content for the fans of the Titanfall 2. the new update will contain new upgrades, new maps and the best part they are bringing one of the most loved features of Titanfall 1 the CO-OP horde mode.

The next update will contain the 4 players co-op horde mode in which the players will defend the Harvester against the waves of unique enemies. each enemy wave will increase in difficulties and killing them will earn you in game cash which can be used to buy traps, upgrades and other equipment to defend the harvester.

The new mode can be played on five maps Blackwater Canal, Forwardbase Kodai, Homestead, Rise, and War Games. in the Frontier, Defense players can choose from five difficulty modes Easy, regular, hard, master and insane.

A new Titan progression called Aegis Ranks has been added which will be only available in the Frontier Defense earning the Aegis Ranks will unlock new upgrades for your Titans.

Along with the new mode, two more new maps will be added into the game. one of the maps is the remastered map Rise with a desert like surroundings and the second map is the Live Fire Map Township which looks a city.

All the content above will be free except the cosmetics which will come with the update. there will be two types of skin an Elite Warpaints for weapons and Limited Edition Titan Warpaints purchasing the skins will provide you double XP and merit boost for your teammates. all the skins will be available until 28 August 2017. you can check out the skins at the Official Blog.

Also, Respawn has announced that a Free Trail of the game will be available from 28-30 July 2017. players will get access to the training Gauntlet, single player mission The Beacon and all the multiplayer modes.

Titanfall 2 is available on major platforms like PC, PS4, and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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