Telltale Confirms It Is Not Announcing The Wolf Among US Sequel At SDCC 2017

The Wolf Among US

Developer and Publisher Telltale Game’s The Wolf Among Us was one the best narrative games given by the studio. the episodic fantasy mystery game was based on the Fables comic series which received positive reviews from both critics and the community. naturally, the style and gameplay were so intriguing that the community is eagerly waiting for a sequel to the game.

Recently Telltale Games tweeted out something which sparked speculation that a sequel to The Wolf Among Us may be coming our way.

The studio announced on twitter that they will be revealing new stuff in the upcoming SDCC 2017. the announcement was later retweeted by Adam Harrington the voice actor of the protagonist Bigby Wolf. considering that Adam has retweeted it many came to the conclusion of a possible Season 2 for the fantasy game.

But Unfortunately we were all wrong on the tweet PlayStation lifestyle asked the studio if they are teasing a new Sequel to The Wolf Among Us to which the Job Stauffer the Head of creative communications from studio replied that people are getting their hopes up and that too in the wrong direction and Adam is also the voice actor of other games developed by the studio.

So according to Job’s answer most probably the announcement at the SDCC 2017 is about Guardian Of Galaxy and if it is not it can be for other games like The Walking Dead or about the upcoming Season 2 of the Game Of Thrones.

But that doesn’t mean that we should abandon any hope for a possible sequel to TWAU as Job assured the fans of the game that their voices will never go unheard at the Studio.

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