Destiny 2 Weapons System Will Have Intrinsic Perks And Color Shader MOD

Destiny 2

Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie’s game Destiny 2 beta will be released for PS4 users who pre-ordered the game and have received the early access pass. just before the commencement of the Beta details have come out about the game.

A Reddit post by the user, EireneRR4_  who attended the Virgin Media Destiny 2 experience at Central London has revealed some new information about the weapon system of the game.

According to his post, all the legendary weapons in Destiny 2 will now have three modification slots.

  • First slots will be the “Mod box” which will have a load of empty slots for equipping different perks
  • Second slot is an “Elemental slot” which can be modified if it is an energy weapon.
  • Third slot is a “Shader mod” which can be modified to change the looks of your weapon.

In the image below you can check out the shader mod towards the bottom left the box has the same shade and color as the weapons.

Destiny 2

Further, into the post, EireneRR4_ described the intrinsic perks which will be a new feature for weapons in the game. the new add on will make each weapon unique in its own way and each roll out will be unique.

The first light grey box below weapon perks is the intrinsic perks besides it is the weapons mod tree which will always remain the same. below Weapon Mods the first box indicates the Mod currently equipped by the weapon and the box beside it is the Shader Mod.

in a recent interview with IGN Bungie’s Game Director, Luke Smith said that the load outs can be performed only once before the game so players can focus more on the gameplay. so it will be interesting to see how the new features work out with the game.

The Destiny 2 Beta will be live in few hours for PS4 Users who have an early access pass, tomorrow the beta will open for Xbox User who have early access pass. the beta will last until July 23 you can find the full schedule of the beta here.

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