Destiny 2 Beta: To Play Crucible And The Strike PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required

Destiny 2 Beta

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Beta will be live in few hours for PS4 users first followed by Xbox users and it will have plenty of new contents for gamers like the new game modes, new weapon mods and a brand new social space where you can play Soccer.

But there are some contents in the beta which will be not available to all. in a recent tweet from the Official Bungie Twitter account the devs, revealed that the Homecoming story mission can be played by all the players who want to play it.

But for accessing The Strike and The Crucible game modes players will need additional Subscription. The PS4 users will need PS Plus subscription and Xbox users will need Xbox Live Gold subscription.

So you can only play single player mission of the beta and if you want to take part in the multiplayer content of the game you will have to get the subscription.

The Crucible Game mode is a popular Player vs Player game mode previously the mode had 6 vs 6 formats but in Destiny 2 it has been reduced to 4 vs 4 formats.

The Strike Game mode will feature 3 players trying to infiltrate an enemy stronghold to finish all the enemies. every strike mission will reward players with new armors and weapons if completed.

Although it is understandable that the online gameplay will require an online subscription but various other games have given the content without the need to extra subscription.

Destiny 2 Beta will be going live at 10 AM PST on 18 July 2017 so make sure to download the massive update released to enjoy the game as early as possible. and also be prepared to encounter bugs and glitches as Bungie has recently announced a list of bugs which will be experienced by players during the Beta.

The Full Schedule of the Beta phase can be found here.

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