Ghost In The Shell First Assault Update Adds New Characters, Maps And Weapons

Ghost In The Shell First Assault

Developer Neople and Publisher Nexon have totally revamped their game Ghost In The Shell First Assault with a major update. the update will feature new characters, weapons, map and several changes to both the U.I and other mechanics of the game.

All the characters in the game have received some major and minor tweaks and in the new update, all operatives will come under three classes namely the Assault class, Infiltrator class, and Specialist class.

The Assault Class will have high HP and armor points which make them the most durable class but they also have the slowest movement. they will be most useful on the front line with heavy guns.

The new character Azuma will be in Assault class and has two abilities Tactical shield which protects from damage but breaks under heavy damage and Tactical Dome which is an unbreakable shield but enemies can walk through it. Other operatives in Assault Class are Batou, Borma, Ishikawa.

The Infiltrator class moves faster, and are the only class which can fire at full speed while sprinting most of the characters in this class have disruptive skills and relies mostly on speed and stealth which makes them good in close quarters combat.

The new Character Reiko will be in Infiltrator class and her skills make her disappear from the physical world which provides her location of both his allies and enemies location. Other Characters in Infiltrator class are Motoko, Maven, and Paz.

The Specialist Class has abilities to control an area with its information gathering and double jump ability. they mostly have average health and armor points but can provide support to the team from long distances.

The new Character Sitara will be in specialist class with the ability to deploy drones which attack enemies who enter its range. Other Characters in Specialist class are Saito, Sitara, and Togusa.

The Stats of weapons in the game has also received changes and also a new weapon has been added named MG33-A. there will also be a new map called Electronics Center according to its description it is a network hub of Japan which will have both open areas and closed quarters to make the map more engaging

Elimination mode has been added featuring special zones which damage players who try to camp there the team to win first 6 rounds wins. theĀ  Dubbing Site, Port, and Urban City have been removed from Death match mode and tons of new cosmetics have been added for customization.

Ghost In The Shell First Assault will be released on 18 July 2017 for PC. for more information you can visit the official website.

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