Arika Unconfirmed Street Fighter Ex Trailer Reveals Skullomania

Street Fighter Ex

The creators of the Street Fighter Ex series have announced a new fighting game whose name is still not revealed by the devs of the game. during the EVO 2017 event, Arika showed a new trailer for the game which featured some most iconic characters in the street fighter history.

The mysterious fighting game trailer showed Skullomania a character which has been not been in any street fighter game for more than 20years. the character first appeared in 1996 game Street Fighter Ex developed by Arika in collaboration with Capcom. but after the separation, Arika retained the right of several characters from SF EX which is the reason we never saw Skullomania and others.

But Skull suit vigilante is not the only characters coming from SF EX the trailers showed Kairi, Shirase, Garuda and Darun Mister who will be joining the new untitled game. you can check out the trailer below

ARIKA has decided to begin development on a PlayStation 4 version of “Mysterious Fighting Game (Title Undecided)” and make a public announcement on the final day of EVO2017. This game will be the newest entry in the EX Series.

The new fighting game looks like quite good the character seems to be well modeled and the gameplay is fast and smooth which is expected from a fighting game. the special moves transitioning to 2.5D style does look similar to Dragon Ball Z FighterZ but a lot cleaner and neat.

Earlier this year Akira revealed a trailer which showed the gameplay of a new fighting game whose style, pace and animation were loved by the gaming community but it turned out that it was just an April Fool Joke. But fortunately, Akira has decided to make the joke a reality by adding, even more, new characters.

Although only five characters are revealed yet it will highly possible that we may see characters like Allen, Ace, Cycloid Beta, Cycloid Gamma, Sharon, Pullum, Shadowgiest, V.Rosso and more. as these are the characters whose rights are owned by Arika.

Arika’s next game with Street Fighter Ex Characters has neither a fixed name nor a fixed release date but the trailer does indicate that it may probably come in April 2018 for Consoles and possibly but not confirmed PC.

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