Nidhogg 2 Will Be Releasing In August 2017 For PC And PS4

Nidhogg 2

Developer and Publisher Messhof has finally revealed the release date of their upcoming game Nidhogg 2. the game will be the second iteration and successor to the successful game Nidhogg 1.

In an announcement, through the PlayStation blog Mark Essen the creative director and co-founder confirmed that the game will be releasing for PC and PS4 on 15 August 2017 with some significant improvements and changes to the game.

Mark in his blog explains how he and another co-founder founder Kristy Norindr decided to come up with a sequel but this time ditching the chunky featureless art style and going for a little more complex animation.

The game requires fast and precise reaction and for that to happen, they needed to keep the animations of the characters fluid and smooth and so they went for 2D bone animation program which enabled them to independently animate different parts of the body without the pain of redrawing the characters. with the animation being easier to implement it allowed them to add different footwork, different body stance, and weapons.

Just like the previous game, it will have the same objective the wurm has arrived for his food and only one worthy can be the sacrifice. to prove that you are grand enough to be the sacrifice you have to reach the end of the level and kill anyone who is in your way by swords, arrows or just stomping their head with your feet.

Nidhogg 2 will have grotesque fights which surprisingly looks amazing and with music provided by artists like Baths, Doseone, Daedelus, Mux Mool, and Osborne just makes the gameplay experience more awesome.

Some of the features you will find in the game is

  • Customizable characters
  • Challenge A.I or just 1v1 with your buddy
  • Four different weapons to master
  • 10 different option to customize the rules of battle royale.
  • The online lobby and private matchmaking

Nidhogg 2 will be releasing on 15 August 2017 for PC and PS4. for more information you can visit the Steam Page or Official Website.

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