Island Of Nyne A First Person 100 Players Batter Royale

Island Of Nyne

Developer and Publisher Define Human Studios are coming with a new Battle Royale game titled Island Of Nyne. The game will be a first person shooter supporting up to 100 players where players have to hunt or get hunted by others.

The gameplay and objective are similar to other popular battle royale games in the market like H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. players are randomly dropped at various locations on the map with just a knife and will have to either search for weapons or loot from other by killing them. just like in PUBG there will be inventory system with limited space. Everyone on the map is your enemy and you have to kill them. the last man standing on the map will be the winner.

But there are some new elements which are different than PUBG. in Island of Nyne the dome will constantly shrinking instead of shrinking after a time interval this system discourage players to camp. the map does not consist of very less human structure and almost no two storey building making it difficult to scout around. there are also wide ranges of weapons from medieval axe to futuristic weapons like M4s and AKs.

Unlike PUBG instead of just waiting for other players, you can play deathmatch in a small arena kinda like warming up before the match.

One interesting thing about the game is the event system in which during the match a place in the map is highlighted with a beam of light which can be seen by everyone that particular location consists of special weapons, vehicles, and supplies. but it also makes the location a dangerous choke point as everyone would be rushing towards it.

Again just like PUBG It will sport three different gameplay mode. The solo mode will let you play the classic free to kill all mode where the last man standing win. Duo mode in which you can team up with one more player and hunt others. 5 Vs 5 mode in which you can team up with 4 other players and fight against other 20 teams.

Some of the features of the game

  • Three large scale unique maps
  • Multiple games mode
  • A competitive ranking system consisting of 5 tier bronze, silver gold, platinum and Diamond
  • Higher the skill more the rewards

Island Of Nyne

One positive point about the game is that it’s completely first person. yes PUBG will be soon getting its own FPS mode but we still don’t know how good it will.

The gameplay seems pretty good, fast and fun it probably may even be better than PUBG but the only thing which seems out of place is the mediocre graphics the reason may be because of a small dev team and limited funds for the game but it’s still in Alpha Phase so it may get better graphics upon release and so currently only time will tell the fate of Island Of Nyne.

There is no fixed release date for the game yet but you can expect it towards the end of 2017 or early 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and even on VR. for more information you can visit the official website or the Kickstarter campaign.

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