For Honor Developer Says Reports Of Lack Of Players are Fake News

For Honor

Publisher and Developer Ubisoft’s hack and slash fighting game For Honor was one of the most anticipated multiplayer game of 2017. But upon release, the game faced a lot of criticism from the gaming community because Ubisoft was failing to address real issues of the game.

The game was plagued with some serious which was just ruining the gameplay experience there were frequent connection issues. bugs and glitches, some characters just being too OP and imbalanced matchmaking. a majority of players reported the issue but Ubisoft was just delaying the fixes and because of it lost a massive portion of its players almost 95% of the player base.

But a new statement from the game developer Eric Pope denies all the claim of lack of players in the game. During a live stream on Twitch, he announced the dates and details of the upcoming update and also claimed that the game has plenty of players and the reports are just fake news. his official statement during stream is below

“We have a lot of players in For Honor  believe it or not, fake news people, we have a lot of players in For Honor to roll it out to.”

It is a Pretty strong statement considering the report of the loss of players was first reported by Githyp with stats from Steamspy which stated that during beta it had 71K concurrent players which decreased to 45K after launch and during the month of June is hovering around 2K to 3K players. if you go to SteamSpy now it shows that yesterday it had only 1771 concurrent players.

According to steam stats its shows the dev statement is completely wrong but we currently only have reports from Steam and it may be possible that there is a large player base present who play the game through Uplay.

There was no report from Eric about how big the player base is we might never know it unless the devs or Uplay reveals it which is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

For Honor is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox. for more information, you can visit the official website or Steam Page.

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