PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting FOV slider And First Person Mode

Playerunknown's BattlegroundsDeveloper and Publisher Bluehole game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be fully releasing at the end of 2017 and the devs are constantly making more changes and applying improvement to make the gameplay experience for fun.

The latest upcoming update will add one of the most requested feature the Field Of View Slider(FOV) which will help player using the first person view set their desired field of vision and thereby improving accuracy.

Usually, in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players play the whole game in third person perspective which is good when you are in an open area allowing you to view wider area around but when you enter a closed quarter most of the screen is taken by the characters making it difficult to maneuver around and switching to the first person makes the vision even more narrower So the FOV slider will definitely be helpful.

According to Snookie one of the developers of the game confirmed during a live stream of the game that the FOV slider has already been implemented and currently they are testing the value before releasing it in the July update.

The First person mode will be coming to the game next month that is August 2017. this was confirmed that by Brendan Greene on his tweet saying that the mode will be available for players in the next monthly update first for NA and EU followed by other regions.

Previously Brendan said on the Battlegrounds Discord that the First person mode will take time as it will require a significant amount of work from the whole team and they are currently busy in optimizing the game. but it seems the team has somehow managed to complete the update probably may have put extra hours to complete to it.

The game is still in early access but has already been hugely successful in just the first 3 days of its early access it made more than $11 million by May it sold more than 2 million copies making $60 Million and within 3 months it has sold over 4 Million copies making over $100 Million in sales.

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