Play Upto Ten Hours Of Mass Effect Andromeda For Free

Mass Effect Andromeda

Publisher EA Games and Developer Bioware’s game Mass Effect Andromeda was one of the most anticipated games of 2017 but upon release, it faced a lot of criticism from the gaming community mostly due to the facial animation being below average considering it was such a big game.

But since then the devs of the game has released a big patch to improve the gameplay experience making it faster and bug-free. taking feedback from fans they also improved the facial animations and fixed the lip syncing.

After improving the game Bioware has announced that the first ten hours of the game can be now be played for free on any platform. earlier this feature was only available to Origin Subscribers but now it is available for all.  the free trial will give access to both the single player mode and the multiplayer mode. while trying the game if you decide to buy it you can continue it from where you last saved the game.

So if you are one those who did not buy the game because of all the negative reviews it received you can try it now for free. all you need to do is get an Origin account which is also free and sign up at the Mass Effect Andromeda trail.

The multiplayer mode of the game is constantly getting updates the most notable recent updates would be the addition of Platinum difficulty in the weekly Apex Missions and the four eyed Batarians available as a playable character. but there is still no sign of Single player DLC I am hoping Bioware is still working on it like they did for other Mass Effect Games.

The game is available on PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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