Microsoft’s Xbox Team Has Already Started Working On Xbox One X 2

Xbox One X

Microsoft in the recent E3 2017 at Los Angeles unveiled its latest upcoming home console Xbox One X which has taken the gaming industry. the new console specifications make it the most powerful gaming console on the market. it is capable of running games at a high 4K resolution at 60FPS and is said to be 40% faster than its competitor the PS4 Pro.

The One X will launch towards the end of 2017 but even before its launch a new information has surfaced that the Xbox Team has already begun working on the second iteration of Xbox One X possibly a Xbox One X 2 or something like the Xbox One upgrade The Xbox one S which means a Xbox One X S.

The news comes from Jez Corden an industry insider from windows central who tweeted out that “the next Xbox is already being designed”

he was asked by another Twitter user that if he had looked into or it is just a speculation on his part to which he replied that “No” and the next Xbox also has a code name just like One X had project Scorpio as it code name.

He was further asked about the possible release date and what can Xbox do to challenge the upcoming PS5 from Sony

Another Fan asked him about him if he has any information about the future of Xbox’s first party games to which he replied that he currently does not have any details about it but he thinks Phil Spencer has already heard lots of feedback “Loud And Clear”.

This could only mean one thing more exclusive games for Xbox which is not surprising. if you look at current situation Xbox One X provides 4K at 60FPS but its rival PS4 Pro gives 4K at 30 FPS which does indicate the performance superiority of One X. but for now it does not matter as the PS4 has an install base twice the number of Xbox and also it has more exclusive games than it. So going towards more first party exclusive seems to be the only answer.

At E3 2017 Xbox showcased 42 games out of which 22 are console exclusive and as the One X release the number of exclusive Xbox games might just increase.

It has already been teased by Shawn Layden the President and CEO of Sony America that PS5 will be coming but it will take time. and as expected Xbox is already gearing up to compete with next console of Sony.

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