Nintendo Has Stopped The Production Of New Nintendo 3DS In Japan

New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo without any prior notice has discontinued the production of the smaller New Nintendo 3DS. it was the fourth handheld console to enter the 3DS family after the original Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS XL, and Nintendo 2DS.

The small console was first released in Japan on 11 October 2014 followed by other regions like Australia, New Zealand, Europe and finally in North America and it was reported on 31 December 2016 that the New Nintendo 3DS and the XL variant has shipped over 9.94 million units worldwide.

The company has not given any statement about the reason for discontinuing the New 3DS but it may be because of the production of new XL variant of the New Nintendo 2DS which was launched today and is priced at $150 and it will be arriving on 28 July 2017. all the parts and components may be are being used in its production as the XL version has been more successful than the smaller 3DS.

Although the small variant of The New 3DS may have ended fans don’t have to worry it. as the other three more popular variants of the 3DS are still in production. the 3DS family has reportedly shipped over 65 million handheld console as of 31 March 2017 and boasts a massive game library with more coming in future.

So the 3DS certainly won’t be dying anytime soon and even Reggie Fils-Aime President and Chief Officer of Nintendo Of America has said in an interview with IGN that they plan to support the 3D beyond 2018.

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