Lone Echo And Echo Arena Gets Launch Trailer And Release Date

Lone Echo

Developer Ready At Dawn and Oculus Rift have released a new trailer for their upcoming virtual reality game Lone Echo. the game is based on a Sci-fi space adventure and will be available exclusively only on Oculus Rift.

In the game, players will play as Jack an advanced cybernetic artificial intelligence robot working on a mining space station known as Kronos 2 as a robot you will be helping and providing companionship to the captain of the station Oliva Rhodes. everything in the space changes when a strange unknown anomaly suddenly appeared and posed threat to the human companions and the whole space station.

To survive the situation you would have to complete various tasks and solve mind-bending puzzles with the help various tool equipped within Jack and the station.

One of the features of the game is that your character being a robot would not have to deal with problems which human would face in an open space. Jack won’t need any oxygen nor would be affected by cold and could freely move in Zero gravity without any restraint.

The game will give players the ability to climb and float in 360 degrees in a fully immersive space environment emulating real life like Zero Gravity situation. unlike other VR game players in Lone Echo would experience full body presence of the character.

Apart from the main game, there will be a multiplayer PVP version called Echo Arena which would come bundled along with the single player game. it will be competitive sports games which will support 5 vs 5 formats. players will be able to glide and boost in the zero gravity environment and have to score goals than by throwing the disc through a ring it’s basically the Sci-fi version of Harry Potter Quidditch just without the broomsticks and other balls.

You can even punch other players on the head to stun them or just hop onto other players backs and ride on them. in Echo Arena, you would also be able to perform real life gestures like shouting, and waving hand to ask for a pass.

As a part of summer deal, Oculus Rift and the touch controller is available for $399 a limited time. so if want to try the game this might be the time to buy if you don’t own one.

Lone Echo and Echo Arena both will be arriving on 20 July 2017 exclusively for Oculus Rift. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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