Wild West Online First Gameplay Video Features Bounty Collections and more

Wild West Online

Developer 612 Games have released a first gameplay video of their upcoming title Wild West Online. the game is under development and will be an online open world MMO based on Wild West. the game will have an exploration of a big map and will contain several PVE mission, PVP battles and much more. it will give complete freedom to players on how they want to play the game they can either become the lawmaker or a rebellious lawbreaker.

In the 6 minutes, long video Stephan the executive producer of Wild West Online walks through some of the gameplay elements and features of the game. he starts off with showing the character customization feature where you can pick any gender and color you want for your desired character.

At the beginning, players will start their adventure in a town called Stone Creek which contains interactive places like Bank, Saloon, Gunsmith and more. you can do several things in the town like talk to NPCs, gamble, brawl with other player or just get new quests.

A feature which Stephan tells about is the stealing as long as you don’t get caught while taking things which don’t belong to you its fine but if you get caught your reputation will decrease and if it reaches a certain level your name will be up on the most wanted list and you will be hunted by Bounty Hunters.

Players can also take deputy role and hunt the person on the most wanted list to claim the bounty. Stephan further shows some of the gunfight element when he goes hunting of Most Wanted people along with another player named Mike. you can check out the video below.

The game is developing well but is surrounded by some controversies previously it was rumored that the game is being developed by War Z developer Sergey Titov although no proof was found it brought huge skepticism from community. to clear things out WWO devs responded that are indeed using the Free Reign Entertainment Nightshade game engine but Sergey is in no way involved with the game.

Wild West online is a very ambitious project by 612 Games initial it started a Kickstarter Campaign to support the game but later received investors to fund the game so they discounted the Kickstarter funding.

Currently, the game has no release date yet but a closed beta is planned for Fall 2017 so it expected that the game will fully release in 2018 for PC. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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