Ubisoft Removed Might And Magic Showdown From Steam Because Of Lack Of Players

Might and Magic Showdown

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft has decided to remove their Early Access game Might and Magic Showdown because of lack of players interest in the game. the game performed terribly on steam and the community was not very excited about it either.

On the steam community page, Ubisoft announced that the game will be shutting down and will be ceasing all the server support and also ending the Early Access to it. the game will now be inaccessible on Steam to prevent the further purchase of the game. it will remain in the Steam Library of the people who purchased the Early Access of the game but only till 31 July 2017 after which it will become unplayable. Ubisoft will also be refunding the money to the customers who supported the game during Early Access.

According to the Steam database, the game has performed really bad in past few months. in last 6 months, it only had 79 peak players with 1 player in last 24 hour it was owned by around 3000 gamers and had an average playtime of 5 hours only.

Might and Magic Showdown

For those who don’t know about the game, it was a new spinoff real time PVP instead of the regular RPG which Might and Magic is known for. in the game players were able to use different characters with different abilities and stats to fight against others in a strategic way. the character can be programmed with up to 6 different actions.

one of the best parts of the game was certainly the customization feature of the characters and the artwork of it which looked like a tabletop figurines.

I did not expect Might and Magic Showdown to perform so badly as the Might and Magic is a popular franchise which Ubisoft bought in 2003 for $1.2 Million USD. the last tenth installment of the game was the Might and Magic Legacy which was released in 2014 and though it was not ground-breaking it still performed quite well with 68% of the people giving a positive review for the game on Steam.

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