Escapists 2 Release Date Announced With Bonus Content

Escapists 2

Publisher Team 17 and Developer Mouldy Toof Studios have finally revealed the release date for their upcoming game Escapists 2 the sequel to Escapists which was well received by the community.

The objective of the game is still the same players will take the role of a prisoner and must escape the prison at all cost. follow the daily routine of the prison and work around it to crafts tools without raising any suspicion against you. players can even increase their level by performing exercises and studying, increasing the reputation among fellow inmates will also increase the chances to escape the prison.

Apart from the usual gameplay, it will have several new features like the addition of Co-op mode, versus mode which can be played both online and locally with up to 4 players. it will also feature drop-in/drop-out option in which your buddies can join or leave the game at any point.

A new improved combat will also be present in the game giving players the ability to lock on to a particular target, block and even perform light and heavy attack. the game will also have over 300 customizations to make your convict a unique character.

If you Pre-Order the game now you can get additional prison known as The Glorius Regime which is situated deep in the jungle and has constant surveillance, devoted guards and an unquestionable Leader who watches everything.

Escapists 2 will be releasing on 22 August 2017 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. for more information, you can visit the Steam page or the Official Website.

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