Hidden Dragon Legend 2.5D Action RPG Platformer Coming To PS4

Hidden Dragon Legend

Chinese Publisher Oasis Games and Developer MegaFun Games are coming up with a new title Hidden Dragon Legend. the game is a 2.5D just like Dragon Ball Fighter Z except it will be action platformer with RPG elements and powered by Unreal Engine 4.

The story of the game is set in ancient China where players will take the role of a character who looks like a samurai. he and his foes are competing for a powerful artifact known as Dragon Cauldron which gives inhuman powers but in exchange takes away sanity and the ability to reason. when he finds that his foes have cast a spell on him by using Dragon Cauldron making him their killing machine and doing their dirty jobs he ventures out to teach them a good lesson.

Players will transverse through Metroidvania styled levels and will encounter different types of enemies, tough bosses. to fight them players will be using the characters skill, acrobatics move and sword mastery. the game will also feature challenging puzzles and an RPG styled skill tree to level up the characters, weapon and special moves.

The business director of Oasis Games Alen Wu describes the game as following

“HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND transports players to ancient China for thrilling combat, deadly enemies, challenging puzzles and a surprising amount of depth,”

“With a player-friendly price and intensely fun gameplay, the title offers action fans a great combination of entertainment and value.

The gameplay from the video looks pretty neat and fluid and also the graphics and the shifting to 2.5D view while performing special moves look smooth and amazing.

Players will have access to a deep and expansive skill tree and unlocking it lets users perform limitless combos with weapons or hand. according to the press release, it will have nearly 10 hours of gameplay.

Hidden Dragon Legend will cost $19.99 and will be releasing somewhere in August 2017 for PS4. more information about the game can be found at GamePress.

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