Obscure Challenge Your Mind Puzzle Platformer Enters Early Access

Obscure Challenge Your Mind

Publisher and Developer Robodev is coming up with a new puzzle platformer titled Obscure Challenge Your Mind. the developer is an indie game creator and is currently developing the game alone. the game takes its inspiration from Journey, Abzu, and Witness and the creator want to deliver something similar where players can relax in their adventure.

The story of the game follows a little orphan boy who lives in an old orphanage where he is constantly faces bullying and mistreatment. one night he dreams about a colorful place with a house and in it, he finds his parents but was unable to talk to them. now every night he dreams of the place and returns to the house and tries to talk to his parents in the hope of getting answers about why they left him.

Players will explore the thoughts, confusion and troubled mind of the child which presents itself in form of a dream full of puzzles which you must solve to progress through the game. you can check out the trailer below more video can be found on the Steam page.

The game is currently on Steam Early access where the dev wants to test the feedback from the community about how the gameplay feels and how can it be further improved. as the dev mentioned on Steam that the game currently needs funding to improve the quality of the game like it has a lot of dialogues so hiring professional voice actors will help the game.

it will be under early access for a period of four months in which the game will be available for the 25% discount on its price. in the early state of the game, players can access and enjoy the first three chapters of the game.

The graphics shown in the three videos of the game is quite impressive considering it is developed by a single person and if the game is able to get its funding and reaches a wider audience it may become a successful game just like Abzu and Journey.

Obscure Challenge Your Mind will be coming to PC on 19 July 2017. for more information about the game, you can visit the Steam Page.

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