Nintendo Switch Keyboard Attachment Will Let You Connect Joy Con To It

Nintendo Switch Keyboard

A new Nintendo Switch Keyboard will be coming soon to the market which will be made by Cyber Gadgets. just like any other keyboards, the Switch version will allow users to type in chat online and perform other function which the limited number of Joy-con keys cannot perform.

Earlier a similar kind of keyboard was announced by Hori the difference between them is the Cyber Gadgets version has a slot on its side to connect the keyboard. unlike the standard keyboard, it won’t have the numeric keypad making it a miniature tenkeyless keyboard. it will also be compatible with PS4 and PC which is nice for people owning different gaming stations.

The Nintendo Switch Keyboard from Cyber Gadgets will be releasing on 30 September 2017 the device is currently available for purchase on Amazon Japan for a price of 3,758 yen which is approximately 35 USD.

a keyboard compatible for Switch is a nice thing but the problem is there aren’t many games on Switch which would utilize it maybe in future games like Monster Hunter XX or the Dragon Quest X which is MMO can better utilize the capability of a keyboard.

Another thing to note is that the Switch already supports most of the standard keyboard and the Cyber Gadgets version has a higher price than PC version keyboard so getting it will set you back some extra bucks. it would be more appealing if it was wireless as the Nintendo Switch does support Bluetooth.

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