Monster Hunter World 22 Minutes Gameplay Details Weapon, Monsters And More

Monster Hunter World

Developer and Publisher Capcom have dropped an over 20 minute of gameplay for their upcoming action RPG Game Monster Hunter World. the footage in the video tells that the game is a work in progress but its still look amazing and seems to be developing in a right direction.

The gameplay video shows a variety of details like different monsters, different mantles, and weapons with various types of ammo each with a unique effect on monsters. but the main objective of the video was to showcase the monster hunting mission which looks quite fun.

The video starts with a hunter in a dynamic lively ecosystem with a mission to hunt a giant monster named Anjanath the hunter is equipped with a scout flies so he can easily track the beast. while following the scout flies another monster appears named Great Jagras which can swallow its prey whole and double its size. the monster later went into the forest and regurgitate the food for his children.

Further, into the forest, the hunter is able to reach the target monster and does what he has to do and that is killing it .the hunt for the Anjanath was quite longer than expected at least for me not complaining though. during the process of killing it, you can see the use of environmental hazard to trap and mount the target with a series of quick time events. you can check out the gameplay below

Players can also switch weapons anytime he can use his flying beast to return to camp in an instant. there you can plan more strategies and craft armors and weapons from the remains of fallen beast. other things which can be seen in the video are the different types of mantle

  • Challenger Mantle – it is used to attracting the monster attention into a more strategic location.
  • Ghillie Mantle – which can be used to conceal yourself in the environment but if you take hits the effect of the mantle will be gone

The environment, monsters, and the game mechanics are pretty well designed and the size of the map also seems to bigger.

Monster Hunter world will be releasing in early 2018 for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and later will release for PC too. for more information, you visit the Official Website.

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