Hell Let Loose is a 50 Vs 50 PVP based On Realistic World War 2 Scenario

Hell Let Loose

Developer Black Matter is working on a new game titled Hell Let Loose which is themed on realistic world war 2 situation. the first person shooter game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 with infantry, tanks, and artillery. according to devs it will not just be another shooter but will require strategic movement and cooperation to win.

The game will be played on a grand scale it will have 50 vs 50 players on a map of a 4-kilometer square map with a scale of 1:1. each team will have to capture various strategic point and unique resources to beat the other team. but it involves more technical things like players will need to make supply lines using logistics vehicles which will allow them to build Garrisons and other spawn locations in the field so the team is well supplied with necessary resources.

There will be over 20 different types of vehicles in the game with various roles and categories like utility vehicles which are the scout, supply, repair trucks and fighting vehicles which are the mobile artillery, tank destroyer, assault gun, light armor to heavy armor tanks and more. devs of the game have said there will iconic vehicles like the Panzer IV and Sherman followed by different variants such as the Sherman Calliope, Tiger II and Puma SdKfz 234.

Hell Let Loose will also have 14 different playable roles which player can choose from some of the roles revealed till now are

  • The Commander of a team can plan strategic movement and give order through the radio. he can also summon reinforcements, supplies to the battlefield and even order an aerial and naval strike.
  • The officer can plan tactical moves like the establishment of observation post and Garrison post and even mark the targets with his binocular.
  • Then there are Engineers who can lay minefield and barbed wire to create choke point across the battlefield.

Being true to the historical event it will also have more than 16 rifles, submachines, light to heavy machine guns, mortar, grenades and even a flame thrower to lit up the battlefield. weapons will have realistic behaviors like jamming and overheating.

Hell Let Loose certainly has a potential to be a good PVP game. if the devs deliver the features they have listed with good graphics and gameplay I am sure it will be well received by the community as the World War 2 theme just never gets old.

The game has no fixed release date yet but according to devs, the will release a beta in late 2017 and after optimizing and balancing the game it will come out for PC in 2018. for more information about the game, you can visit the official website.

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