Overwatch Releases Doomfist in PTR With Lore And Abilities Details


Developer and Publisher Blizzard after several months of teasing has finally released one of the most important villains of overwatch lore Doomfist. he was first teased with Doomfist gauntlet in the trailer and earlier this week it was hinted that he has escaped from the prison the man with the strongest arm in the games universe.

Currently, the hero is only available in PTR( Public Test Region ) where Blizzard wants to see the impact of the hero in the game and according to it they may nerf or buff and then fully release him into the main game. the only disappointment right now I have like the rest of the player is that he is not voiced by Terry Crew.


Anyways let’s look at the Lore of Doomfist his real name is Akande Ogundimu and was born in a highly regarded family in Nigeria. he was the heir to a well-known prosthetic-technology company and actively took part in expanding the business of the company. but in his free time, he would do one thing he loved the most that is the martial arts he learned several styles like the African Dambe and Gidigbo. he took part in competitive martial arts all over the continent and performed extremely well with his intuition and speed.

But everything changed for him when he lost his right arm in the omnic crisis. he was healed in the company with the cybernetic prosthetics technology which even made him more stronger but due to the enhancements, he was ineligible to take part in the tournaments. he felt a void inside him which nothing could fill until he met Akinjide Adeyemi the second Doomfist who offered him to be a mercenary.

Akande found that he could once again fight and with the powerful enhancement he was stronger than ever. soon Akinjide made him the part of Talon and Akande realized that he and Talon shared a similar ideology which is humanity could be made stronger only through conflict. to achieve his goal Akande later killed his teacher Akinjide as he thought he was not capable of carrying the vision of the organization. he assumed the role of Doomfist and wore the powerful gauntlet.

He later set up a big plan to cover the whole world under conflict but was stopped by Overwatch strike team which had Genji, Tracer, and Winston and was locked down in a maximum security prison. now after several years he broke out of the prison and has retaken his position in the Talon council making it stronger and bigger threat to humanity.


Doomfist is an offensive fighter and his skill enables him to jump into enemy lines wrecking havoc

Active Abilities

Hand Cannon – he fires a short range burst kinda like a shotgun from the knuckles of his fist. the charge of the weapon regenerates automatically over time.

Seismic Slam – he leaps forward and smashes the ground in an AOE which create a small crater enemies inside the radius of the slam as pulled towards Doomfist.

Rising Uppercut – he punches the enemy before him launching himself and the target which got hit into the air.

Rocket Punch – this ability can be charged and releasing it he dashes forward and knock the enemy back by dealing damage. if an enemy hit by rocket punch is pinned into the wall the hero will take additional damage.

Meteor Strike – he launches himself into the air and crashes into the targeted area across the map the enemies inside the impact range will be damaged and stunned.

Passive Abilities

The Best Defence – every time Doomfist lands successful punches with his abilities he gains a temporary shield.

So this is everything known about Doomfist till in the update there will several other bug fixes which can be found in the Overwatch blog.

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