Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Adds New Ultra Hard Difficulty, Game+ Mode And More

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer Guerrilla Games and Publisher Sony Horizon Zero Dawn has been very successful and has been praised both gamers and critics for its amazing story and gameplay. recently Sony revealed that the game has sold over 3.4 million copies which include both digital and physical copies.

On the Playstation blog, Jeroen Roding community manager of Guerrilla Games announced a new update the patch 1.30 that adds various new features into the game most notable changes are the new game+ mode and the addition of new ultra-hard difficulty for players looking for more challenges.

The new highly anticipated game+ mode will let players relive the adventures of Aloy in the futuristic machine dominated the world without losing anything from your precious inventory or any of the character progression. the progress level is capped at level 50 but you can still collect XP.

The new ultra-hard setting will introduce enhanced machine with improved sense and more aggressive behaviors. but be warned once you begin the quest on ultra-hard you won’t be able to change the difficulty only players who start the quest on normal will have the option to change the difficulty.

Other content in the update includes updated weapons and outfit which will come with extra modification slot and will cost some extra shards. it will have unlockable like the ability to change Aloy’s focus, various new face paints and two new trophies. the update will also fix issues caused during progression which was faced by many players.

At the E3 2017 event, Sony announced a new expansion pack for Horizon Zero Dawn named Frozen Wilds with a small trailer. according to the trailer, Aloy will be exploring the mysteries behind the northern mountains and will face a boss giant machine beast. the DLC which will have a completely new story, new region, and new machine beasts. no fixed date has been revealed yet but it is coming somewhere in 2017.

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