Ex BioShock Devs Announce City Of Brass A Treasure Hunting Game With PermaDeath

City Of Brass

Ex Developers of BioShock from Irrational Games has announced a new title under Uppercut Games named the City Of Brass. the game is inspired from one of the stories from the Arabain Nights and will be a first person adventure game.

The story of the game follows a cunning thief who is the protagonist and is brave enough to enter the fabled hidden place the land beneath the sands to reach the mysterious treasure located at the heart of the city. the thief is skilled in using sword and whip which he can use to disarm or stun the enemies, the whip can also be used to reach objects which otherwise would not have been possible and it can be also used swing around like Spiderman.

The protagonist may be a thief but he is equipped with the skill of The Prince from Prince Of Persia he can leap across large pits, dodge arrows and spear, block sword attacks and even lead the enemies into deadly traps.

The Devs of the game says that it has eternal replayability it is not just another hack and slash players will have to use their skill to progress the game filled with traps they have to decide whether a loot is more important or to safely escape the level in a given time frame.

Some of the features of the game include

Genies – there will be several genies in game and most are friendly they act as vendor from which you can get gears, secrets, upgrades or exchange loot for protection. just like the Genie in Aladdin they will grant 3 wishes you can ask for a king’s ransom, unlock a powerful benefit or take the Aladdin’s way free the Genie and in return he will help you in battle.

Ghouls – in city of Brass there will be various type of Ghouls and each will have unique traits, ability, and behaviors

PermaDeath – the game is harsh and players will die many times. but no playthrough will be same each time play after dying you will have to implement new ways to progress.

Dynamic Level – the environment in the game is ever changing and makes sure that every time players play it will be different. the levels are procedurally generated with interconnected courtyard, corridors, and chambers.

Loot – the essence and the reason of the game are the loots. every time you collect loot it will increase your score, the opening of the chests will give you new weapons, armors, upgrades or relic. but some loot will trigger a time-based event either escape within time or perish with the loot.

City Of Brass does not have a release date yet but according to the devs, it is expected to release in fall 2107 for PC followed by console release on PS4, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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