Destiny 2 Social Hub “The Farm” Will Let Players Play Soccer In Game

Destiny 2

Developer Bungie and Publisher Activision upcoming multiplayer game Destiny will be released in few months and the team behind it have already revealed some of the new features that will be present in the second iteration of the game.

The most recent new feature which was shown is the new Social Hub known as The Farm. the new social hub will replace the destiny tower which was destroyed by the Cabal’s army. in the recent video posted by IGN Youtube Channel Ryan Ebenger Bungie’s Narrative lead for the game shed some lights on the feature of the new social hub for players.

The new Social Hub the Farm will be the same size as the original and can be occupied by 26 players simultaneously. where they can engage in new activities, meet other players and the best new feature according to me is the addition of soccer. The farm will have an actual soccer field with a ball, a goal post, and a scoreboard it can be played with other players.

There will be some similar things like the Postmaster to receive messages and the Cryptarch represented by Tyra Karn where the players can decode engrams packages to get rewards like weapons, armor, and other items. plus there will also be chickens which makes reminds me of Skyrim and makes me wonder will the society reject me if I did something to it?.

Another thing Ebenger mentioned is that the Farm will be fully dynamic and will be constantly evolving human population will increase with several characters coming and going creating a more realistic feeling around the social hub.

Destiny 2 previously revealed┬áthe addition of new subclasses which are Hunter’s new subclass Arc Strider, Warlock’s new subclass DawnBlade and Titan’s new subclass Sentinels. it will also include new travel destination The European Dead Zone, Io, Nessus, and Titan. new co-operative strikes mission and raids.

Destiny 2 will be released on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One on 6 September 2017 and on 24 October 2017 for PC. for more details about the game you can visit the official website.

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