Mass Effect Andromeda Will Soon Get A Platinum Difficulty and Batarian Alien Species

Mass Effect Andromeda

Developer Bioware and Publisher EA Games fourth installment of Mass Effect series Mass Effect Andromeda will be soon getting a new update to its multiplayer mode which will include a new difficulty level along with an addition of a familiar but new alien species to the game.

In a recent announcement by the devs, it was revealed that the Apex Mission will get a new difficulty mode known as the Platinum difficulty. those who do not know about the Apex Mission it is a multiplayer weekly time-based mission which comes with different difficulties like Bronze, Silver, and Gold each difficulty has harder objectives but also has high rewards.

The teaser trailer also showed the four-eyed resident of Khar’shan The Batarians who were part of the Mass Effect trilogy. these alien species are widely known for their non-cooperation and aggressive stance towards other species.

Though in the Mass Effect trilogy the Batarians played some key roles. but in Mass Effect Andromeda story there were no appearance or even mention of the notorious alien species. so it’s addition to Andromeda is not strange but is still surprising. there was no mention on how they reached the Andromeda but the Producer of the game Fernando Melo did mention that it is certainly not just an add-on and has a lore behind it.

The Batarians were was last playable in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode and are making their return in yet another multiplayer mode. the trailer also showed that there will be a new and different model for them which for me looks better than the old one.

With their addition, a total of six species are now present in the Andromeda and they are Asari, Humans, Krogan, Salarian, Turian and now the Batarians.

According to the official website, the Platinum difficulty and other multiplayer content will be coming on 6 July 2017 for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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