Rainway Will Let You Play Overwatch, Nier, Witcher 3 and More On Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular portable consoles of 2017 and is in high demand. The Hybrid console is capable of supporting both physical games which are sold on cartridges and Digital games which are sold on Nintendo Eshop. the console has some amazing games released for it like Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild, Mario Cart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and more but still due to being new in the industry it has a fairly small number of games available for it.

If you are one of the Switch owners who wish to play more big titles on the portable console then there is a good news for you as the there is an app under development by Andrew Sampson called Rainway which would allow it’s users to play all PC games on the switch.

the app technical does not run the games on Switch but instead, its stream the game running on PC through Wifi onto the Switch and its not just limited to Switch it can be streamed on other devices like Mac, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Some of the Features of the App are

  • The App is Free without any need of additional subscription or hardware.
  • You can play games you already have.
  • It will work both locally through Wifi or Internet
  • All the games streamed through it will be 60FPS
  • You can control the resolution, frame rates and bitrates of the stream and It also supports downscaling and upscaling
  • Users will be able to remap controls for any device.
  • The only requirement is Window 10, 5 GHz Wifi and a GPU that supports DirectX 11.

Sampson through his Twitter account has uploaded various videos showing Rainway streaming various games. the app is still in Prototype phase and is not the final product so you may see some lag in video

All the games in his videos are running on Radeon RX 480 GPU and Intel i5-4440 processor. Sampson said on Twitter that at the launch it will support only 1080p and it will support 4K when the AV1 codec has been finalized.

The project is ambitious and it is able to enter Nintendo Eshop it will be a huge win for Nintendo Switch owner but considering Nintendo picky policies it will not be an easy road for Rainway and its developers.

Rainway will be officially released on 25 November 2017. you can register at the official site for a chance to be a part of the beta testing it has already crossed 75,000 beta signups.

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