Code Vein Gameplay Demo From Anime Expo Reveals About Combat

Code Vein

Developer and Publisher Bandai Namco new upcoming action RPG game Code Vein will be releasing in 2018 and gamers are eagerly waiting for it. at the recent E3, 2017 a trailer and gameplay footage was revealed which gave a glimpse of the combat mechanics which players may find upon release.

During the current ongoing Anime Expo, Bandai Namco released another gameplay footage which gives a closer look into the game combat and environment of the game. in the video, the protagonist of the game can be seen with various weapon fighting enemies with a combat very similar to Dark Souls.

Although till now we don’t have many details about the game. but considering from what has been revealed so far by the developers it seems the combat mechanics will be very similar to Dark Souls the strafing, dodging and timely attacking the enemies are all reminiscent of Dark Souls Combat.

So far the weapons which can be seen wielding by the protagonist are a one handed sword and another is a two handed spear-like weapon. the attack from swords are pretty fast but has a short swing range. the spear has a long range attack but it is slower and has a longer winding time after performing an attack which makes the character open to enemies attack.

Despite the combat being dark soulish the environment and other gameplay mechanics are quite different. the graphics and visual are colorful and the characters have a similar appearance as a Japanese anime.

Code Vein

Further, the characters of the game are customizable and comes with a buddy system which allows players to select any resident of the society as his partner. there will be many partners you can choose from and each of these partners will have separate abilities and a different back story. the selected buddy will help you in combat. according to your necessities, you can also switch your partner with a different one.

No more details of the game are known yet except that the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. the remaining humans have formed a society of revenant called veins. the people who have acquired the power of revenant have gained it through the exchange of their memories but with those powers also comes a thirst for blood. consuming blood makes them stronger but if they fail to control it they will lose whatever humanity they have and become a ghoul. The protagonist is also a revenant and his only desire is to gain his memories back and escape the damned world.

Code Vein does not have a fixed release date yet but it is speculated that it will be coming up in mid-2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For more information, you can visit the official website.

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