Anthem’s Javelin Mech-Suits Feature Will Have Elemental Powers


Developer Bioware and Publisher EA will be upcoming up with a new open world RPG game named Anthem. It was revealed at the E3 2017 with a teaser trailer and a short 7 min gameplay demo. but despite showing a limited gameplay it has made gamer excited for the new title.

Since E3 2017 the has been no new video but there have been some details of the game revealed through the AnthemWhisper’s Twitter account.

One of them is about the Mech Suits it is already known that the Mech Suits are known as Javelins which can be equipped by the players to explore the unknown world. Currently, there are two known suits and they are

  • Ranger –  is a balanced suit which will have stable damage, speed, and other attributes.
  • Colossus – is a tank suit which can withstand more damage but is also slower than others.


According to the new information reveals that apart from having different types of suits with different attributes it will also have elemental powers such as fire, ice, and lighting. but it is not known how the elemental power will function with the suits. you can see those elemental suits above.

Another information is about the various icon present in the game below are some of the details which are just my speculation from watching the gameplay video


  • The Skull icon – is for the raid or fight location marker.
  • The Binocular icon – is for when you discover a new location in the world.
  • The Flag icon  – it may be a more general area where player can customize suit and pick up quest
  • The Triangle Icons – are the waypoint which indicates the location of your quest or objective
  • The Pillar Icon – is for important landmark around the world.

These were the only details and information which come out of the Official website and the Twitter account.

the game is not going to release anytime soon so we may be getting more details about it in future. another thing to look forward to is the Gamescon 2017 which will be held in Cologne from 22 August 2017 where hopefully more details and video about the game may be revealed.

Anthem will be released in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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