Nintendo Switch Sold More Than 1 Million Units in Japan

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo latest console Nintendo Switch has been topping sales charts around the world. the company in its year-end report for its 2016 fiscal year, reported that they have sold 2.74 million units of Switch worldwide as of May 31, 2017.

It is already known that the sales of the Hybrid Console is going pretty well in Japan too but a new report confirms it. according to an article released by Famitsu which is a Japanese publication site reported that the switch has sold over one million units. a total of 1,016,473 Switch has been sold in Japan as of 25 June 2017.

The translation of the article was provided by a Neogaf user Okami who in the thread gave some more statistics about the sales of the console in Japan. According to Okami Nintendo Switch took 17 weeks to reach the sales of 1 million units in Japan leaving behind PS1 which took over 31 weeks, WIU took 34 weeks, PS3 took 39 weeks and PS4 took 49 weeks to reach a million unit sales. this data clearly shows that Sony is not as strong as Nintendo in Japan.

But there were other consoles too which sold faster than Switch in Japan like the Game Boy Advance took 3 weeks to reach 1 million sales, Nintendo DS took 4 weeks, PS2 took 5 weeks and PSP took 14 weeks.

You can follow the chart below to get a more clear perspective of the Race to million sale

GBA: 3 weeks
NDS: 4 weeks
PS2: 5 weeks
WII: 6 weeks
3DS: 13 weeks
PSP: 14 weeks
SWI: 17 weeks
NGC: 17 weeks
N64: 29 weeks
PS1: more than 30 weeks
WIU: 34 weeks
PS3: 36 weeks
PSV: 43 weeks
DC: 45 weeks
PS4: 49 weeks

Along with the report, there was also the list of top 5 selling games on switch according to Famitsu

  • Mario Kart: 501,614
  • Zelda: 460,480
  • 1-2-Switch: 200,807
  • Arms: 154,845
  • Bomberman: 92,112

Nintendo Switch has been selling like crazy but according to me, the sales number would have been higher if Nintendo would have been able to meet the market demand. but it’s not like the gaming giant is deliberately doing it they are doing everything possible to meet the demands.

Recent reports say that they hey have increased the production of Switch from 10 million units to 18 million units but the problem is that they are a lack of components in the market which has capped the production of the console and it is expected that it would last throughout the year 2017.


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