SteamVR Knuckles Demo Shows Real Life Like Hand Accuracy

SteamVR Knuckles

Valve has been working on a new HTC controller SteamVR Knuckles for a while now and it seems it might become a new trend in the Virtual reality gaming.

A video demo of SteamVR Knuckles in play has been uploaded by Zulubo production which shows how the sensor of the device tracks the individual fingers of the users and how it allows more free hand movements than the other controller in the market. you can check out the demonstration below

The difference of Knuckles over the standard hand controllers in the market is that you won’t have to hold it instead you can wear as the device has a similar shape of a Knuckles and it comes with a strap to loosen or tighten it.

The device will also be able to track individual finger movements and you can also open your hand fully without the fear of dropping the controller. this new feature is really good as the Virtual Hand will now work similar to real world hand and when you do things like grabbing, holding, picking it would feel more intuitive.

SteamVR Knuckles

Valve has sent the Knuckles controller to select companies and developers to test and get a hands-on experience of the device. they also posted a developer guide on the Steam community for those who received the dev kit on how to calibrate, tweak and pair the device with the driver.

Currently, it only supported in steam VR beta branch and has been made compatible with all the tools and suite of Steam VR home like the Chaperone, Compositor, Lighthouse Tracking, OpenVR and more.

There is no release date for the device yet but as it has been already sent to the developers for testing the device in their contents it may come in late 2017 or 2018. it will be compatible with HTC Vive but there no info on whether it will support other VR like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear V, PlayStation VR and others.

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