Sonic Mania Official Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl

Sonic Mania

Developer Headcannon PagodaWest Games and Publisher Sega will be soon releasing its side-scrolling Sega platform game Sonic Mania. if you are excited about the upcoming Sonic game then there is more than just the game you can look forward to.

Sonic will be 26 years old and to celebrate its anniversary and the release of Sonic Mania. Sega has partnered with the record label company Data Discs with whom they will be releasing the official soundtrack of the game on Vinyl.

The tracks are composed by Lee Topes and along with the two-disc soundtracks, it will also contain exclusive artworks printed on an inner sleeve which will feature Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles sprinting on the classic Green Hill Zone.

Sonic Mania

According to the description on Data Discs upon release, it will have a download code in both lossy and lossless formats which can be played on any compatible devices.

The Pre-Order of the vinyl will begin in Mid-July 2017 with a price of £19.99 which is $25 and 22. it will be available in 3 edition 180g Translucent Blue,180g Classic Black and an 180g Limited Edition whose details have not been announced yet I am guessing it will have more exclusive artwork and new soundtracks.

You can also hear the album’s opening track “Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Act 1)” at the data discs site.

Sonic Mania will be released on 15 August 2017 worldwide for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. for more information about the game, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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