F1 2017 Will Run At 4K/60 FPS On Xbox One X

F1 2017

Developer and Publisher Codemasters will be coming up with the latest racing game F1 2017. this will be the ninth installment of the Formula One Franchise. the gameplay will be same as the F1 2016. But this time it will also come for Xbox One X with better graphical enhancement.

According to a recent talk between Gaming Bolt and Lee Mather the creative director of F1 2017 revealed some interesting new about the game at E3 2017. he said that the game will be able to run at Native 4K and 60 Frame Per Second with High Definition Range Rendering on Xbox One X.

“So, we are already running on Xbox One X over in the Microsoft stand. So that’s here this year already. It’s already running at 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR enabled. It’s still early days with that build but we’ve already started to turn up some of the features.”

He further added that they are still working on the graphics and Frame rates so that it can provide increased precision through the mirror and improved details of shadow and reflection.

“We’ve increased the fidelity of the mirrors, so they run a higher frame rate and higher detail. Shadows can be better. Reflections can be better. See, it’s still early days for that one. But we are already running on it, and it’s here at the show.”

This is yet another example of Xbox One X superior performance capability in comparison to PS4 Pro. several new upcoming games on Xbox One X are reaching 4K/60 FPS whereas on PS4 Pro the same games are only reaching 4K/30 FPS with more exclusive games Microsoft might take over the console market. But Sony will not lose that easily and has already hinted that the PS5 will be coming in future.

In addition to improved graphics, the F1 2017 will feature variety of new classic formula one cars like

  • 1988 McLaren MP4/4
  • 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6
  • 1995 Ferrari 412 T2
  • 2002 Ferrari F2002
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004
  • 2007 Ferrari F2007
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1992 Williams FW14B

You can check out all the sexy beasts listed above in the Codemasters YouTube Channel.

The game is will be releasing on 25 August 2017 For PC, PS4, PS4 Pro Xbox one and Xbox One X. for more information you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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