PS5 Will be Coming Says Shawn Layden President and CEO OF Sony America


Sony is planning to release the latest version of their home console PS5 in the upcoming years to compete against the newly announced Xbox One X the Microsoft’s latest console was revealed at E3 2017 and the specification it carries certainly makes it the most powerful console in the industry for now.

According to a Neogaf post a German website interviewed Shawn Layden the President and CEO of Sony Interactive America where he talked a little bit about PS5. but he did not reveal anything about it though he did say that PS5 will be coming sometime in future. This means that you are more likely to rely on a real Playstation 5 – whenever that will be?

Layden: Yes. It will probably be some time.

In the interview, he was also asked if there will ever be exclusive PS4 Pro games which will not run on PS4? to which he answered: “That will never happen“. this will no doubt be a relief for PS4 users and is also a good decision by Sony as out of the 60 Million Playstation sold majority are PS4 users.

Further, in the interview, he also stated that PS4 Pro only offers advantages like 4K Resolution, HMD, better frame rates and high disk space. but PS4 users are not in any disadvantage in comparison to the Pro. all the games will be compatible with both the versions the only difference will be some games would perform better on PS4 Pro.

Console Wars in 2017 seems to be heating up first Nintendo released their portable console Nintendo Switch then the Sony revealed their upcoming Xbox One X and Atari is also coming with a new console named Ataribox which will be made based on PC technology.

if you want to read the interview an English Translated Page is here.

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