E3: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Features Air Fights, Character Creation and Space Exploration


Beyond Good and Evil 2

Developer and Publisher Ubisoft’s upcoming game Beyond Good And Evil 2 seems to be developing in a right direction and can be one of the big game in the upcoming years. the unexpected announcement of the game at the E3 2017 event left everyone surprised. during the event, they showed a trailer but it was only filled with CGI and had no gameplay.

But a new video has been released by Michel Ancel The Director of the game in which he showcases some of the features and the gameplay on their newly developed Voyager Engine. this is the same engine that Ancel earlier told about which was in development for 3 years and the whole game system is dependent on it.

In the video, Ancel demonstrates the capabilities and power of the engine. it basically shows how tiny is players character in comparison to the world around them. everything is massive in the game. wait I don’t think massive is even the word which could describe the world. you can check out the video to get an idea about the game.

Ship Mechanics The Russian Doll Effect

Ancel starts the video with a 3D model of the big mother ship which was shown at the end of the trailer. the mother ship will be like a base for the player and its crew. but you won’t get it just from the beginning of the game.

In Beyond Good And Evil 2 players will have to earn the ships and as they progress, they can get bigger ships. one cool thing about having many ships is that you can dock your smaller ships inside your newly acquired bigger ship. Ancel says this the “Russian Doll” effect in which small dolls are kept inside bigger.

The ships can be also used for air fights in a part of video Ancel shows the gameplay using a smaller ship performing tricks like the loop, air roll and even performing a drift with at high speed.

Characters Gameplay Mechanics

Beyond Good And Evil 2

Ancel further gives details of the about the game and says that Knox the monkey is one of the playable characters but the players can also create and customize the character of their choice. after creating a character player will start with nothing you would have to complete side quest earn money and level up and then you get your first vehicle, and as you progress you can even buy your own ship.

With your new ship, you can adventure around the space and explore any part of the open world universe. Ancel further adds that there will be many planets each having his own city, players, and NPC’s.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 will also have an interesting social element the Photo feature. players can take photograph on the mission and even off mission and share with other Human players or with NPC’s which can trigger events.

Real World Simulation

Beyond Good And Evil 2

One thing truly amazing about the Voyager engine is the graphic rendering Ancel said instead of using the artists to create light for the universe, planet and even cities. the team made the engine capable of creating a physical light renderer which changes according to a time laps. the result is a universe having similar illumination as the real universe the sunrise the sunset everything is done by the engine.

The planet in the space will also be affected by real world phenomenon like falling asteroid from space. any planet hit by an asteroid will have its landscape totally changed.

Honestly, the game seems to be even better than I expected it to be and it does not even look like a beyond good and evil game. it looks like a mix of so many games and has something for everyone. the game is still in early development and still looks much better than a lot of big games. I am just wondering what kind of system requirement it will need to run at Max setting.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 does not have a release date but it is expected to come in late 2018. it is still not confirmed on which platform it will be available but Ancel has said before it will be multi-platform so PC, PS4, and Xbox can be expected. for more, information you can visit the Official Website.

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